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Vdrift Crash - slickx - 06-16-2014

After importing cars i try to select them in the menu and Vdrift crashes.Not for all the cars though.CO and 350Z work just fine. Mith it be because of the suspension setup tipes that other cars have??Using the release from 06-1013.Also any new builds?

RE: Vdrift Crash - NaN - 06-17-2014

Importing from where?

I've got a bigger heap of graphics code changes, that I'd like to get into master before uploading a new build (maybe even a release).

RE: Vdrift Crash - slickx - 06-18-2014

For example i Copied my ATT car folder into the vdrift\car folder.Started the game and when i want to choose the car from menu the game crashes when i choose ATT from car menu.Also some of my cars who used to work good a while ago and are working in the version from 2012 do not work with the version from 2013.Can i find a file that tells me why it crashed?

RE: Vdrift Crash - NaN - 06-18-2014

On windows the log file should be in the user Documents/VDrift folder.

In future we will switch (have already actually) to Windows default: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Vdrift

RE: Vdrift Crash - slickx - 06-19-2014

and as i see in the log file there is some problems with the shaders as well and looks like some shaders wont work.I have an Nvidia gtx 560.

I instaled the latest drivers for my video card and now the game wont start at all(ill see if i can fix this)

RE: Vdrift Crash - NaN - 06-20-2014

Yeah, I remember this FXAA shader from nvidia not running on nvidia cards...

In data\shaders\gl3 look for deferredaa.frag file, open it with a text editor and try changing

#version 130


#version 400


RE: Vdrift Crash - slickx - 06-20-2014

It worked so good!! Thanx!!