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get vanished - bunny - 08-08-2011

when Vdrift loads my track,last moment of loading Vdrift window get vanished .What can be the issue? :x

- NaN - 08-08-2011

Can you upload it again, thanks.

- bunny - 08-08-2011


- NaN - 08-10-2011

The car is falling through because your roads are not in the collidable group. In the video(4:10):

Additionally there is something seriously broken with the roads. After retracing in the editor they worked( ).

In your surfaces.txt you have: BumpAmplitude = 0.3 #meters. This might cause problems in the simulation. Sane values are somewhere 0.0 - 0.05.

Looks like there are issues with the alpha blending of the trees. Will look into it.

- bunny - 08-11-2011

thanks , i ll try out

- parade - 09-26-2011

Oh, I thought it was a bug in my pc... thanks, I'll have a look at videos.