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Spanish translation - antoniovazquez - 06-06-2011

I've started an spanish translation for VDrift. It isn't finished but I'm posting it here because I'm having some problems with some characers:

Opening question mark: ¿
Tilde: ` ´
And others.

I don't know how to build specific fonts for spanish language. The second thing is: Is there any way of changing the problem of the fonts so that everybody could use the same font for every language? I don't know how fonts are drown in this game but Android applications can do it. Smile

- NaN - 06-06-2011

We are using codepages, see skins/simple/languages. Spanish would be 1252(FreeSansBold1252.png) I think. You need to save your lng file in the appropriate encoding.

- antoniovazquez - 10-12-2011

I'm getting this again so I first need to know what is the correct encoding for the lng file.


- NaN - 10-13-2011

Depends on the language. See for Spanish.

We could move to utf, just need to include utf->cp mappings, and have a fallback for missing characters.

- antoniovazquez - 10-13-2011

Oops Thanks. I don't know much about the topic but I'll try Smile

- antoniovazquez - 10-14-2011

Here my little python script for encoding CP1512 from UTF-8:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys
import os

f = file(sys.argv[1], 'r')      # From.
t = file(sys.argv[2], 'w')      # To.

for c in f.readlines():
        u = unicode(c, "UTF-8")


Very simple Wink. What do you think?

- antoniovazquez - 10-14-2011

One thing I'm noticing is that strings are completely unordered and I think some of them aren't used. I think they should be updated, ordered and deleted ones should be suppressed.

- NaN - 10-14-2011

You have to look in data/settings/options.config for title, desc and in data/skins/simple/menus/.* for text, tip entries. There might also be a few strings hard-coded, haven't checked for some time.

Can you figure out a script to update/sort all language files?

- antoniovazquez - 10-16-2011

I think they need a cleanup but I don't deeply understand how menus are generated. I will work in the translation (Half of the work has been done) and will leave reorganization for later.


- BiGBeN87 - 10-18-2011

NaN Wrote:We are using codepages, see skins/simple/languages.

Thanks for the pointer. I have completed the german translation:

I created a Pull Request, too:

- NaN - 10-19-2011

Awesome BiGBeN87! I'll update the svn bits. Have no idea about vdrift-data on github. There hasn't been much response from data contributors.

- joevenzon - 10-22-2011

Yeah, until we all agree to do a switch-over to storing the data git (let's continue that discussion in the other thread), work out of SVN.