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11-3 doesnt close properly - fabienZ - 11-04-2005

Hi,I have a bug, with 11-3, but the same thing occured with 10-2 .When I'm closing the game, the vdrift preocessus doesn't stop.I have ti SIGKILL it.strace say indefinitely :<pre>futex(0x87a0e20, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL) = 0</pre>When I'm compiling the game with fmod=1, that does not occur.I think this is a problem in my side, maybe something related to ~/.openalrc :<pre>(define devices '(native alsa sdl null))</pre>Someone has experienced the same thing ?

11-3 doesnt close properly - thelusiv - 11-05-2005

I think this is related to using OpenAL 1.1 instead of 1.0. We haven't ported our sound code to 1.1 yet but it's on the TODO.