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Antialiasing and anisotropy - ocirne94 - 09-22-2010

Hi all,
I've been looking for antialiasing during the game, but I've realized it is quite hard to see; the following images explain better than a long speech:

[Image: shot003.png]
Without antialias

[Image: shot004.png]
With 4X antialias

About anisotropy, I wasn't even able to find it:

[Image: shot005.png]
Without anisotropic filtering

[Image: shot006g.png]
With 16X anisotropic filtering


- joevenzon - 09-24-2010

First off, you need to restart VDrift for most of the graphics settings to take effect.

Antialiasing: the latest release of VDrift doesn't actually do any antialiasing unless you turn shaders off. With shaders on, we do deferred rendering, and I haven't written the code to support antialiasing yet.

Both of your screenshots show 16x anisotropic filtering. Maybe you turned it off but didn't quit and restart VDrift yet?

- ocirne94 - 09-25-2010

actually I did restart VDrift every time;
I tried again today, only to be sure, and with the following config I get the result below:

VDrift.config in .vdrift folder:

[ display ]
FOV = 90.000000
anisotropic = 0
antialiasing = 4

[Image: shot007i.png]
The grass texture has the same anisotropy level of the previous images posted.


- joevenzon - 09-28-2010

Hum... well, it's working for me. Can you try other values to see if there is a difference? The easiest places to see the differences (in my opinion) are looking at the white lines of the track as they go into the distance. Also, can you post the console output from VDrift starting up?

- ocirne94 - 09-29-2010

Here it is.

~$ /opt/vdrift/bin/vdrift -multithreaded
INFO: Multithreading enabled: 4 processors
INFO: Starting VDrift: 2010-09-26-full, Version: 2863M, O/S: Unix-like
INFO: Home directory: /home/ocirne94
INFO: Settings file: /home/ocirne94/.vdrift/VDrift.config
INFO: Data directory: /opt/vdrift/share/games/vdrift/data
      DATA_DIR: /opt/vdrift/share/games/vdrift/data
INFO: Log file: /home/ocirne94/.vdrift/log.txt
INFO: SDL initialization successful
INFO: Automatictally setting depth buffer to 24-bit because shadows are enabled
INFO: SDL video query was successful
INFO: Enabling antialiasing: 4X
INFO: Display change was successful: 1280x1024x32 24z fullscreen=1
INFO: Video card information:
      Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
      Renderer: GeForce GTS 250/PCI/SSE2
      Version: 3.2.0 NVIDIA 195.36.24
      Maximum texture size: 8192
      Maximum varying floats: 60
      Using GLEW 1.5.2
INFO: Maximum color attachments: 8
INFO: Maximum draw buffers (1 required): 8
INFO: Texture units: 4 full, 32 partial
INFO: Loaded shader package simple
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simple_premult
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simple_gamma_premult
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simple_gamma
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simplecar
INFO: Loaded shader package logluminance
INFO: Loaded shader package logluminance, variant logluminance_tiny
INFO: Loaded shader package tonemap
INFO: Loaded shader package gbufferfill
INFO: Loaded shader package gbufferfill, variant gbufferfillcar
INFO: Loaded shader package lightaccumulate, variant lightaccumulate_initial
INFO: Loaded shader package lightaccumulate, variant lightaccumulate_omni
INFO: Loaded shader package depthgen
INFO: Loaded shader package depthgen, variant depthgennoalpha
INFO: Loaded shader package distancefield
INFO: Loaded shader package deferredskybox
INFO: Loaded shader package deferredskyboxblend
INFO: Loaded shader package softparticle
INFO: Loaded shader package ppdepthadjust
INFO: Loaded shader package ppdepthadjust, variant ppcopy
INFO: Loaded shader package ppdepthadjust, variant ppcopy_gamma
INFO: Loaded shader package deferredshadows
INFO: Loaded shader package ssao
INFO: Loaded shader package ssao_blur
INFO: Successfully enabled shaders
INFO: Initialized render output: full_scene_depth (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: full_scene_color (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: normal_xy (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: material_properties (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: diffuse_albedo (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: log_luminance (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: log_luminance_tiny (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: ssao1 (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: ssao2 (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: reflection_cube (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: shadow_depths_near (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: shadow_depths_medium (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: shadow_depths_far (FBO)
INFO: Maximum anisotropy: 16
INFO: 0 joysticks found.
INFO: Loading car controls from: /home/ocirne94/.vdrift/controls.config
INFO: Sound initialization information:
INFO: Obtained audio device:
      Frequency: 44100
      Format: 32784
      Bits per sample: 16
      Channels: 2
      Silence: 0
      Samples: 940
      Size: 3760
      Sound initialization successful
INFO: Loaded fonts successfully
INFO: Loaded GUI successfully
ERROR: Error loading texture file: /opt/vdrift/share/games/vdrift/data/cars/F1-02/textures/brake.png
ERROR: Error loading texture file: /opt/vdrift/share/games/vdrift/data/cars/F1-02/textures/reverse.png
INFO: Loading track from path: /opt/vdrift/share/games/vdrift/data/tracks/mosport
INFO: Found and loaded surfaces file
INFO: Track timing sectors: 2
INFO: Collision objects: 1
INFO: No car brake texture exists, continuing without one
INFO: No car reverse light texture exists, continuing without one
INFO: No car interior model exists, continuing without one
INFO: No car glass model exists, continuing without one
INFO: Car loading was successful: F1-02
INFO: Car loading was successful: G4
start engine
start engine
INFO: Got quit message from GUI.  Shutting down...
INFO: Shutting down...
INFO: Exiting

Changing anisotropy values did not have any influence on the final result. By the way, I had thought that this situation might happen because of my system antialiasing, anisotropy and texture sharpening (applied with NVidia Settings), but it seems that VDrift manages to ignore them.

- joevenzon - 10-05-2010

In data R695 I implemented antialiasing for the deferred render path. It's not true antialiasing, but a postprocess filter that works on the scene's color output. It does pretty well given how inexpensive it is, although it has some temporal coherence issues.