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Game- ready model shops - Tinlau - 06-02-2010

I'm making a list of game-ready model shops, if you know another ones please tell me ^^ here's what I've found so far:
(alphabetically sorted)
[Image: 83767809.jpg]
(fantasy characters - animals - monters) - <they have just updated new monsters and characters>
[Image: characters-real-zombies-3d_01.jpg]
(fantasy - scifi characters - animals - monters) <new zombie pack>
[Image: bedroom_render.jpg]
(game objects)
[Image: fanthemelogo.jpg]
(game objects)
[Image: FemaleNPC_CloseUp.jpg]
(fantasy - scifi characters)

[Image: tomb_banner3.jpg]
(game objects - fantasy - scifi characters) <new cool fantasy characters>

[Image: bandeau_2.jpg]
(game objects - fantasy - scifi characters) <mmorpg character pack>
[Image: 26031368.jpg]
(game objects - fantasy - scifi characters)
[Image: 02.jpg]
(game objects - game levels)

- joevenzon - 06-02-2010

Is this spam? I can't tell anymore.

- portets - 06-02-2010

that's what i was thinking. what are we going to do in a few years when spambots give us coherent conversation? D:

(sorry if you're trying to help Tinlau)

- thelusiv - 06-11-2010

smells spammy to me

- joevenzon - 06-12-2010

Yeah, it's spam, I just left it as a joke.

RE: Game- ready model shops - gargikale2205 - 08-18-2017

Though its spam but these models are so attractive.