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Gentoo... - thelusiv - 10-23-2005

I'm replacing Ubuntu Hoary on my desktop/gaming/development machine with Gentoo Linux 2005.1. I'm doing this for a few reasons, most of them involving not being able to compile this or that game for lack of this or that library. I thought about Debian unstable but decided I'd check out Gentoo again since I haven't run it in almost a year.Once I'm done I think I'm going to install NetBSD or FreeBSD alongside Gentoo...just for fun I suppose. Maybe I'll see if VDrift will run on BSD.Gentoo is, by the way, the first distribution as far as I know to have a package (in their case an ebuild) for VDrift.

Gentoo - ACMhUnTeR - 11-10-2005

Vdrift run fine in FreeBSD Big Gringreetings

Gentoo - thelusiv - 11-10-2005

Well it looks like you beat me to it, I still haven't gotten around to installing any *BSD's...