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Compiling under Windows - NaN - 01-07-2010

Hello, first of all - you have a great piece of software here.

I compiled VDrift on Windows following:
I'd like to propose some minor modifications.

1. There is no need for MSYS and MSYS DTK if you replace vdrift\tools\win\bin\ with a build_vdrift.bat containing
@echo off
echo --VDrift Windows compilation script--
echo Make sure you're running this from your VDrift folder, like so:
echo tools\win\bin\build_vdrift.bat

call scons release=1

echo Copying files:
xcopy /d build\vdrift.exe .
xcopy /d tools\win\dll\*.dll .

echo Make sure you check get the VDrift data!  See:

2. To get the shaders compiled on my Intel GMA 4500MHD :lol:, I had to add a GLSL version define to vdrift/data/shaders/full/vertex.glsl
#version 120
Else it would throw an: 'constructor' : constructing matrix from matrix (reserved in GLSL 1.10)

- joevenzon - 01-09-2010

I've added the #version to vertex.glsl.

About the windows compilation, are you sure you don't need msys anymore? Does mingw contain all of the needed files? If you're interested, could you try a fresh windows compile without msys and the dtk and see if it works with your bat file?

- NaN - 01-09-2010

I hacked the bat to not to have to install msys. :lol:
I am running TDM's GCC/mingw32 Build ( on my machine without msys.
My setup: Python 2.6.4, Python 2.6 Scons, TDM/MinGW
But i think it should also work with the official mingw32 build.

- joevenzon - 01-09-2010

Gotcha. I hadn't heard about those TDM GCC releases, they're cool! Feel free to check in your batch file, make a wiki account, and make a note on the wiki about how to use the batch file if people don't want to have to install msys.