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Combine VDrift with a cycling ergomter? - liversedge - 11-08-2009


I'm working with a few folks over at Golden Cheetah on racing over the internet using cycle ergometers.

Cycling types use a power meter on their bike to measure their power output. Its not that new and is getting very popular. We have written code to work with these bike power meters that allow us to capture telemetry in real-time.

Its all C++ and works on Mac, Linux and Win32.

We're thinking about visualisations at the moment and frankly, when I stumbled across Vdrift I was blown away!

I'm really interested in creating a controller type for vdrift which is based upon our code - the harder you pedal the faster you go....

Who is the right person to talk this through with?

Mixing gaming with fitness is huge at the moment and this could be a killer combination?

Let me know?


PS: i have a recent post on my blog showing the cycling stuff in action, but it may not be hugely meaningful to a non-cyclist. Suffice to say, when the graph goes up, I'm pedalling harder -- therefore if i'm controlling a car, it should go faster too :-) see

- joevenzon - 11-09-2009

I can help answer any VDrift questions you might have; ask away.