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Need help with new cars - nomoo - 09-01-2009

Hello guys, i've found some great car models and exported them to vdrift.
They need some textures and .car tweaks.
So, pm me or icq 334800141 or Let's do some new vdrift data.

- nomoo - 09-07-2009

audi r8
civic b16a
subaru legacy 2002
porshe cayenne
mazda6 mps
aston martin vanquish
bugatti veyron
dodge viper srt10
mercedes-benz slr mclaren
dodge charger srt 8 hemi
chevrolet camaro
toyota supra
bmw m6

and great drifter ford mustang
are waiting..

- joevenzon - 09-08-2009

By the way, you can put cars on that aren't finished yet; there's a way to set the car status to "working on it".

- nomoo - 09-08-2009

It says "The username has not been activated or is blocked."

- joevenzon - 09-08-2009

Oops -- I forgot to activate your account. Try now.

- nomoo - 11-19-2009

Anyone? Come on guys!

- nomoo - 12-03-2009

mclaren mercedes was added Wink

- nomoo - 12-22-2009


- nomoo - 12-22-2009

Chevrolet Camaro

- nomoo - 01-23-2010

Toyota Supra

- portets - 01-23-2010

has anyone helped you yet?

i might help with the supra! Big Grin Tongue

- nomoo - 01-23-2010

nobody Sad

You are welcome! Big Grin

- nomoo - 01-23-2010


- portets - 01-23-2010

well, where did they come from and what license are they under?

- nomoo - 01-24-2010

Well, it's a problem, cause I don't know who made them. Models are from LAN, goes in 3ds/obj format. Ususally when I try to import them in blender result is crap. But after some work.. pretty good models are in joe format Smile