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New car website online! - joevenzon - 08-22-2009

nomoo suggested that VDrift should have a cars database website similar to Great idea! The site will allow artists to upload their creations and users to download add-on cars for VDrift.

For a while this website will be under heavy construction so expect some features to be disabled or require authorization until everything is up and running.

In the future I hope to also add the ability for artists to upload car skins, car parts, car setups, drivers, replays, and even tracks. One particularly cool idea is to add an online .car file generator!

At the moment accounts are not linked to your account, so you'll have to create a new account on here. Please use the same username across both websites.

Thoughts, comments?

- MADBAD - 08-23-2009

Nice idea.Big Grin
I suggest to add a rating system for the cars but maybe is already planned.

- joevenzon - 08-23-2009

At the moment my host hasn't installed the required modules to enable a rating system for the drupal CMS I'm using, but I just asked them to, so we'll see what happens. :-)

Re: New car website online! - cologne - 08-23-2009

joevenzon Wrote:One particularly cool idea is to add an online .car file generator!
My idea was to setup a .car tuning page after „refactoring" my CMS-framework.

- NaN - 06-19-2010

Joe is there a way to edit the car info(to update the links)? All I found is: Home › Create content › Create Car

- joevenzon - 06-20-2010

Yeah, what's your name on there? I'll give you admin access.

- joevenzon - 06-20-2010

Nevermind! Found you. You should have access to the admin menu now as well as the ability to edit content.

- NaN - 06-21-2010

Thanks. I still can not edit the content. Maybe a Drupal issue?
Quote:Referencing to the file used in the Screenshot field is not allowed.

- joevenzon - 06-21-2010

Yeah, that's a drupal issue. You have to remove the screenshot, then make your edit and add it back.

It sounds like the root cause is differing versions of some of the drupal modules. Unfortunately, I set up the site using my ISP's "automatic install" option where they upgrade drupal automatically -- but apparently haven't upgraded since I originally put up the site.

- NaN - 06-25-2010

I gave it a try. The results are not satisfying:

I can not configure the new added "Release" field!? Is it me or drupal? Sorry it's my first CMS.

- joevenzon - 06-26-2010

It was drupal. I needed to update the DB. It should work now.

- NaN - 06-26-2010

Cool, thanks.

- vdriftfan - 02-25-2012

Hi! Can the cars' download links be changed to redirect to it's own folder on the Sourceforge SVN? The links here have out of date cars.

RE: New car website online! - dongvanhung - 07-26-2017

Thanks for make this !