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Mouse Driving - thelusiv - 10-10-2005 in the latest SVN. if you've tried it out, post your thoughts. Here's mine:it takes a little getting used to. I think it might be easier if the gas/brake input didn't "stick" in the middle. This sometimes makes me brake too late.

Mouse Driving - joevenzon - 10-11-2005

Really? I find it super difficult if it doesn't stick, because then you're always either braking or accelerating slightly. Try playing with MOUSEDEADZONE in mouse.h (line 13):#define MOUSEDEADZONE 0.30.3 means 30% stick in the middle. Adjust it and let me know what value seems to make the most sense.

Mouse Driving - gianni - 10-11-2005

Sorry about my stupid question, but... how can I do to enable mouse control? I use the official trunk of SVNGianni

Mouse Driving - gianni - 10-11-2005

FOUND IT!!! I must press the middle mouse button.Sorry again!Many thanks joevenzon for this feature!!! Gianni

Mouse Driving - joevenzon - 10-11-2005

Yeah, sorry it's not obvious yet. Let me know if you think we need to change the deadzone or sensitivity.

Mouse Driving - gianni - 10-12-2005

The acceleration it's ok, but the steering it's slow, I must move the mouse about 70 cm to steer from left to right.Which file I must modify for change the values?Gianni

Mouse Driving - thelusiv - 10-12-2005

It's in src/mouse.cpp, the bold line below
src/mouse.cpp Wrote:MOUSE::MOUSE(){ mousezoom = 0.5; mousesteering = false; mouse_sensitivity = 1.0; steer_x = 0; steer_y = 0; mousebounce = false; ClearBounce();}
I haven't tried playing with this yet. I'd like to see all these things (mouse zoom, mouse steering on/off, sensitivity, deadzone, etc.) in the Options menu under Controls...maybe I'll do that this evening.

Mouse Driving - thelusiv - 10-13-2005

OK, there's now a Mouse Options menu where you can turn the mouse on/off, set the Steering sensitivity, and the brake/gas sensitivity and deadzone. These options are all saved in the config file of course.

Mouse Driving - gianni - 10-13-2005

Thanks very much thelusiv! Now it's more user friendly.P.S.: this is not a priority request, but how hard does it take to make an option for setting day time?Can you insert into TODO file?Thanks again thelusiv for mouse options?Gianni