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How to do it properly - polrus - 07-07-2005

can anybody post a replay of how its supposed to take the curves

How to do it properly - thelusiv - 07-07-2005

Try this one. Just untar it and put 1.vdr into your VDrift/runtime/replays/ directory. Then you should be able to start VDrift and start the replay. Ignore the parts where I ran off the track...The trick is to start wide, then pull in towards the inside of the curve. You want to go slow into the curves and fast out of them (but not too fast or you'll lose traction and spin out). I also found that reducing the amount of times I shift drastically improves my times.

How to do it properly - polrus - 07-07-2005

well i think the replay is broken or maybe there's incompatibility issue here. because ther'e are crazy things happening on that replay - i use the version made on 25.06 so maybe u r using another one. On my screen it looks like that You turn arount befor the curve even began - so u dont evne reach the first curve on this track (he sharp one) and u turn arount and return to the start point all the time leaning on the band.

How to do it properly - thelusiv - 07-07-2005

Sorry, I've been messing with my car's propreties and thought I'd changed everything back but I guess I hadn't. I recompiled and made a new one...redownload the replay from the link above, it should work this time (as long as you haven't changed your car any...). There are 3 laps in this one, the third one is the best (it was a 2:15.822).

How to do it properly - polrus - 07-07-2005

the file had exactly the same size and it makes no difference - crazy behaviour

How to do it properly - thelusiv - 07-07-2005

The replay.tar.bz2 should be 52832 bytes and the file inside it (1.vdr) should be 524436 bytes. I just tried untarring it and the replay still works fine for me. Are your file sizes the same and are you sure that your copy of VDrift is unmodified?You might want to try downloading the file again, your browser or a proxy server might have cached the old one. Actually try this link instead: replay-should-work.tar.bz2I don't think it would make any difference but here's the settings I'm using in the Joystick Devices menu under Options. Joystick Type: wheel, Touchniess Compensation: low, Deadzone: off. If the new file above doesn't work try setting your options thus. I'm pretty sure they don't matter though...

How to do it properly - polrus - 07-07-2005

the file still the same size so it has to be good. Anyway changing contorl device reaaaaaaly changes things- without setting ur options the car gets crazy immediately. when i set it to ur optios it get thur the firest curve right (the sharp one) than the first to the left and it does the second to tle left too early and it hitts the band. then it gets crazy

How to do it properly - thelusiv - 07-07-2005

Ohh...well it sounds like we found some replay bugs. It would appear that they are more dependent on the controls setup than I thought. I am using a steering wheel, what are you playing with? A gamepad?

How to do it properly - polrus - 07-07-2005

analog joystick Saitek Cyborg 3d

How to do it properly - joevenzon - 07-07-2005

Ack, yeah, I see where the control setup is influencing the replay. I'll fix this for the next release.

How to do it properly - thelusiv - 07-11-2005

Alright, I made this replay with the latest version (7-10), polrus see if it works for you. It's not the best driving, in fact it's pretty bad but I just want to know if it works right. If it does you should see me do a big crazy spinout near the end of the second lap. spinout.tar.bz2

How to do it properly - dolio - 07-25-2005

Any chance that you'll make another demo, possibly with the s2000? The last one you posted here doesn't seem to work anymore (tried it with 7-18 and current svn, and both cars just run into walls and stall out near the first turn; sourceforge is down, so I can't try 7-10 right now).It'd be nice to see someone who's actually good play this game. I've not really played any realistic racing games like this before, and my best option at the moment is an old Gravis Eliminator gamepad, which is, I'm sure, a far cry from a force feedback wheel with analog petals. Add to that the fact that I don't know the first thing about actually getting a car to drift nicely, and the result is that I can't play this game to save my life. Smile Maybe if I see someone do it correctly, I'll be able to learn how to do it myself.

How to do it properly - thelusiv - 07-25-2005

I'm still working on the S2000's suspension. If it makes you feel better, I can't make it drift either. With the latest SVN the best I can do in the S2000 is a 2:22.5something.

How to do it properly - thelusiv - 07-26-2005

OK, the new version is out and I have a good S2000 replay. Here it is: thelusiv-20050726-s2000-02.20.598.tar.bz2. It is a tarball of a vdr file. Extract it in your replays folder, back up your replay (<code>mv 1.vdr my.vdr</code>), them <code>mv thelusiv-20050726-s2000-02.20.598.vdr 1.vdr</code> , run vdrift again. Menu (ESC) -&gt; Tools -&gt; Start Replay. Enjoy!There is no drifting in this 3-lap replay but the last lap was a pretty fast one (02:20.598 min). Can anyone beat this time? If you can upload a replay somewhere and share Smile

How to do it properly - polrus - 07-26-2005

i'm leavving to France in 10 minutes but as soon as i get back i'll check it