Full Version: Could not find 'SDL Network Library'
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i am newbie in using Linux, i hope you can help me.

I downloaded this file :"VDrift-2007-03-23-full-2.package"

At the comannd line i started: "package install VDrift-2007-03-23-full-2.package"

Next i get this informations on my screen:
package install VDrift-2007-03-23-full-2.package

# Preparing package: VDrift
# Checking for required C library versions ... passed
# Checking for X ... passed
# Checking for OpenGL Graphics Toolkit ... passed
# Checking for OpenGL Utility Library ... passed
# Checking for Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) ... passed
# Checking for SDL Image Library ... passed
# Checking for SDL Network Library ... failed
# FAIL: Could not find 'SDL Network Library'. Try using the native package manager for openSUSE (yast) to install a package with similar name to 'sdl_net'.
FAIL: Unable to prepare package VDrift.

I am using OpenSuse10.3/KDE3.

Then i tried to install sdl_net, but in YaST/Installing Software i could not find it.

I hope, somebody can help me?

Thanks a lot
I'm not an opensuse expert, but it looks like there are packages for SDL_net:

So I'd recommend asking around in the SUSE areas about how to get this installed.
hmm...I tried to install it:
rpm -i SDL_net-1.2.7-2.1.x86_64.rpm
        package SDL_net-1.2.7-25 (which is newer than SDL_net-1.2.7-2.1) is already installed
        file /usr/lib64/ from install of SDL_net-1.2.7-2.1 conflicts with file from package SDL_net-1.2.7-25
i don't really know everything i have done, but it works now Smile

How can i install additional tracks and cars?
If you're up for it, you might want to try the latest development version of VDrift. The development version is actually very stable and has many bugfixes and improvements over the version you downloaded. This involves checking out the source code, compiling it, and checking out the data. If you follow the steps here it should work and you should have all of the cars and tracks: