Full Version: Latest work on network play branch
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Tonight Joe got the basic connection established and a handshake that sends info such as car, body color, and track. Here's some screen shots:'s all so far, it doesn't trade any live gameplay data yet...but it's a good start!
We now have movement! Last night Joe got the game talking between the client and server enough that the cars now move in the game. I have some screenshots, they don't really show much action, but they're better than nothing. on this weekend I might set up a server and let some people connect and we can play around with it. Let me know if any of you are interested in this.
More screenshots: basic multiplayer is working now. Features include:* display of transmission and receive rates* display of sync time (latency)* networking info disappears on disconnect* cars can drive around trackBut still there is much to do:* only two cars at a time* no collision detection between cars* disconnect could be more graceful (client car doesn't disappear, client car's sound continues)
By the way, if you'd like to test out this code you can check it out from the netplay-test branch in SVN.<pre>svn co vdrift-netplay</pre>To set up a server choose new game -&gt; mode -&gt; networked free drive -&gt; host and open up port 1234 to your machine. Then choose your car &amp; track and start the game.A client can connect to a running server by starting a new game, choosing the same mode but choosing client mode instead, giving the IP address of the server to connect to. Choose your car, track is decided by server. Now start game will connect you.
Network play code is now in the main trunk.
This is a great news!!!!Thanks again developers!Gianni
It's still pretty rough around the edges, though... *sigh*