Full Version: Where is Vdrift looking for joysticks at in Linux
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So I just reinstalled my system, and a old "joystick not found" issue returned.

It was working last week on a identical test install before a hardware upgrade. It is a USB joystick, and I believe it works through "HID" or "event"
Trying to get this sorted out, again. :?
VDrift uses SDL to find the joysticks it needs. SDL probes for them. On my system the joystick device is /dev/input/js0. Try jstest to make sure your joystick device works.
As soon as I asked for help I found it. usbfs was on and it seems to conflict with hal and udev, not sure why something better can't be made. Both of those programs are a real PITA.

Anyway jstest is still broke on AMD64 arch.


Now I get to try Vdrift out on my new video card. Big Grin