Full Version: New sounds
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Hello, maybe vdrift will use some of sounds from there:

As far as i understand they are free..
There are some possibly good effects in there, under the royalty free column. I'm betting some of those Rally sounds would provide a good "tires on sand" sound. There are also some engine startup sounds that we could probably use. Does anyone want to go through these and see which are useful? I haven't downloaded any of them yet.
Joe, could you describe how to change engine sound?
Sure, just change the engine.wav sound in the car's data folder to whatever you want. The sound needs to be 44.1khz 16-bit and can be stereo or mono. The engine.wav sound gets played at normal pitch when the engine is at 7700 RPM, and pitched down or up at higher or lower RPMs.

If you want more control, there's a way to specify multiple sounds at different RPMs using a .aud file... see the data/cars/TL2/TL2.aud file for an example. The file works in a similar way to the ISI-engine game (GTR2, GTL, rFactor) AUD files. See this link:
Thanks. I'll try to do something with sounds.
what specs should be for wav file?
44.1khz 16-bit, either stereo or mono
Uhm, thanks again.

I think, for bettr quality you should add turbo-supercharging sound, gear-shift sound, volume to .aud file.
And i've found pretty good ground skid sound:
I've got an issue open for adding the types of sounds you mentioned:

Also for getting more good sounds the TORCS project has some (including a really good turbo sound)