Full Version: GOKART!
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sorry for my english -

Someone can develop a gokart with a simple circuit?

we can create something like a "fork", a version of vdrift with kart and lap for them. So we can attract more people to the project.

praise for vdrift!!!!
Hi, welcome. Before going down the road of forking VDrift and all that fun, you should look into one or both of these projects:

SuperTuxKart uses Bullet for physics now, and top10 may still be using VAMOS.
have you ever seen them?

they aren't confrontable width the quality of vdrift. I'm sure that it's less difficult develop a kart and a simple circuit for vdrift than wait a good maturity for the others 2 projects
Well, perhaps you can take some GPL karts and tracks from these projects and import them to VDrift format.
Now really thelusiv, it wouldnt be that hard to make a gokart lol. it seems like fun!