Full Version: 2 problems
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Hi.this is the PC specificationAlthon sempron 2800 , 768MB Ram, GForce 4400SO Windows XP SP2Game Version 1.321When I play the game it seems to a multiple key combination, the PC resets .This behavior only happens in this game, I never saw that problem over other software. I can't reproduce the exact sequence.The other thing: when I reprogram the keys, the keys effectively are set, but they don´t work in the way expected.By example, if I set Shift Up/down to A/S keys, the key assignation works. (I can shift up & down, because I see the numbers changing) but the car doesn't respond (The car not move at all)Thanks, I think this game is taking a real good shapeFernando
Eklipse Wrote:Game Version 1.321
We don't number the versions this way...the latest Windows version is 2005-08-02. FAQ...
Eklipse Wrote:Thanks, I think this game is taking a real good shape
Glad you like it! Thanks!
About the resetting... make sure you're not pressing CTRL, ALT, and DELETE at the same time....