Full Version: Stupid to start the game?
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I installed the game on my ubuntu 7 system using synaptic. But there's no icon in the games menu and nor is there any binary called vdrift or similar anywhere in the /usr/share/games/vrift directory. So how do I actually start the game?
depends what directory you installed it in lmao... search for it
I have already mentioned the only vdrift directory I could find. Is it not the one where it's installed? What's the default installation path then as synaptic installed it itself...and I can't seem to find it's binary file anywhere. What's the name of the binary, so I could run a search for it...
The binary name is just "vdrift". I didn't make the synaptic package, so I'm not sure where it's putting what.
Someone helped me out on your irc channel and it turns out that the version available via synaptic is ancient...i have removed it and will try with a latest version. Smile