Full Version: Windows installer extracting the files to C
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Hello, each time I try to install Vdrift the installation is aborted. I figured this is because Vdrift installer extracs the files to C: first, and (I assume) later copies all the files to other drive (if the game directory is not on the drive C:, as it is in my case). The problem is, I have a very limited space on my C: drive, and there is no way I can free up to 300MB there. Is there anything I can do?

And I know I should reinstall my system and keep it on the bigger HDD, but we all know how much fun reinstalling all the drivers is.

edit: I downloaded the minimal version (for windows, my system is win2000), it works fine but if but in the network game the client gets an error each time it connects to the server (no matter which computer is server or client).

Also, the minimal version for windows offers Barcelona in the track selection, but the track is not in the game (once it loads car is visible on a blank space).
There's a lot of help I can't offer, but a little I can. As far as network games, it's basically broken at this point. We are going to completely rework the network functionality once we have some other key things (car to car collisions) worked out better.

If you have a windows SVN client, you can use that to download the full data set for tracks and cars directly to whatever location you choose for your data directory. It might be worth while looking in the Wiki for tips on doing that with Windows.
Once you have the minimal version installed you can download "vdrift-2007-03-23-data-full.tar.bz2" and uncompress the contents to the vdrift data folder. To uncompress the archive you'll need something like