Full Version: SVN 1851 Car jumps around until falling though ground
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I know this is was a previous issue for others , but I can't find it in the forums.
Gentoo AMD64, Nvidia 5700FX, what else do you want to know??


PS the data directory is not being completely install by scons.
Maybe I should add that it happens before the race even starts.
I guess two things:

You use a precompiled libode and a 64bit machine?

Currently vdrift is using libode with trimesh=GIMPACT, which is sadly not 64bit ready.

You need too to compile your own libode version with trimesh=opende and compile vdrift with scons opende=1. (And then let vdrift run with that libode version... adjust your LD_LIBRARY_PATH if needed)

Hope that helps.
If you're interested, this is the forum thread:

note that the scons flag is actually
scons opcode=1
Thanks for the help, no binaries hereWink
I tried
scons opcode=1

And it works awesome.

You all are great, this simulator gets better and better.

Thanks too all working on VDRIFT
Do we switch to bullet now? Wink)

I meant VDrift as the simulator. I hate to call it a game, I hate most racing games.
My replay was ment for joe Wink

vdrift is still a game... but we try to stay as realistic as possible.