Full Version: Initial D
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I just watched the first three episodes of this drift racing Anime. I got it from Netflix on DVD...anyone else seen it? I watched it with the original Japanese audio/video, with English subs because I hear it's a lot better that way. Is there a movie too? The first 3 eps were pretty fun, a little silly (and Takumi's friend is really annoying), but I liked it enough that I want to see the next ones now...
I've seen the first few eps, but that's it.
Smile I am still unable to smoothly drift around hairpin curves like they do in the show.
Ehh....I read the manga,but I don't watch the anime.
I like InitialD a lot. Its one of the best anime IMO.
I watched a couple more in the Initial D series and started getting other stuff instead. I've maybe seen 4 or 5 of them. The series is not bad, some of the drifting they do might be physically impossible.

dolio: Have you played around with the new handbrake much?