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Hi, i have tried to use the svn to download the source code, but it's still don't working. There's an other way to download the source code?
I need it for a project, as quick as possible.

You can get the code from the last release here:

You want vdrift-2007-03-23-src.tar.bz2

You'll also need to download a data package (try minimal first)
I've tried to do what is written in that post, i have downloaded and inserted in the project folder the development lib from the SDL web site. I have also seen somewhere in internet that i need to include in the code the following header files: (#include <..>)

windows.h, SDL.h, SDL_OpenGL.h, Gl/gl.h

i have done all of that things but i haven't solved the problem with the gl.h :cry:
I need a specific SDL package for Visual Studio 2005? Someone know what i have to do?