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i finally got vdrift to run but now when i try to open any track with any car the game quits unexpectedly. at first i was able to load parking lot bt wen the game loaded it was in the incar view so wen i went to change it i did not change views. the car doesnt move at all but i can hear the engine revving. the screen seems to be blued out on the parking lot. the game loads fine, so i dont know whats up. mac osx 64mb video ram GeForce FX 5200 1.5gb ram.
ps i have this error on all modes.
Can someone help me already?
Are you using release or development version? If development version, what is the revision number? Parking Lot track is specifically used for auto-x game mode (which is available in development version only). Don't select it if you are running practice or single race mode.
Development revision 1738. ty for helpin. i will post back soon... i get the most errors on tracks that arent parking lot! only parking lot loads (somewhat) all else fails
Have you been able to get previous versions to work (such as the last release)?
yes. not the last one (wasnt around to get it) last release i had was before auto x.
I think the car not moving might be due to the collision not working properly. You may want to try a newer revision once the svn server is back.
Yeah, once SVN is back up you can try the latest version from the trunk, and if that doesn't work, then try the latest scenegraph branch (or wait for us to merge them).
i will try again when the servers back up... do i need to redownload the data as well? also whats the eta on the svn being back up?
Just so you know, SVN is back up now.

EDIT: Odd i just re downloaded all data and everything... i cant compile because i keep getting an error with
Apparently the file doesnt even exist... Anybody have any ideas? i thought i could find the file on the svn on this site but oddly enough none of the branches show up... (not done with the svn completely i see?) All Help is appreciated.
P.S. Sorry to all those who can never read a long post all the way through :wink: :wink:
i saw on your other forum the links to where you can browse the trunk and i cant find backdrop.cpp there either!! THELUSIV PLEASE HELP (sorry if i sound pushy but i havent gotten this running correctly in over 1 month!
kidrock, that file is no longer used. You can remove it from the build setup.

Someone really needs to update the Windows build stuff. It's way out of date now, especially since the scenegraph branch has added a bunch of new files.
I'm going to update the Windows build in SVN today.
kcid, maybe you can help me out...I just spent a few hours setting SCons up to work properly in Windows. I'll start a new thread about it, and try to get some documentation together soon.
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