Full Version: how to uninstall with scons
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Hi All Vdrift Racers,

i installed vdrift with "scons" by Hand,
and now i wanna give the package Installer
a chance, therefore i want to uninstall this Game first.

How to uninstall vdrift, which was installed by scons?

bye Markus
Basically you tell scons to clean and install at the same time, like this:

scons -c install
if you installed as root you must run this as root as well.
scons -c
do not uninstall system wide installed media and binary files or ?
How to do this ?

In the man page is something written of
scons -c build export
Is this the way to uninstall files, which had been installed to the system ?

Regards Markus
VDrift installs a data folder and a binary. By default, for the 2-15-09 release, those both go in /usr/local/share/games/vdrift ... so you could just manually remove that folder.