Full Version: What setup works best for you?
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I am getting really frustrated trying to drift in this game. I got the mouse to work but the sensitivity options wont retain (neither will sound options fyi). i raised the total angle to make things quicker but then it becomes hard to drive regularly.

SO! for those out there who use just the mouse/keyboard, what setup has worked best for you?

I use lmb gas, rmb brake, keyboard to shift and left/right mouse movements to turn.
I'll try to fix the mouse sensitivity settings bug soon.

When I test mouse play I use the same settings as you - left/right move to steer, LMB for gas and RMB for brake. It would be pretty nice to have the scroll wheel working for shifting, but sadly I haven't ever been able to make SDL bind a scroll event to anything consistently, because of the way SDL treats scroll wheels.
I find it hard to be able to tell when the wheel is centered. It would be nice if there was a way to either know or be able to center it from where the mouse is...
The way we used to handle that problem was a tiny "deadzone" on the mouse controls so that in the middle of the steering and between gas and brake (if you used mouse up/down for them) you could see where the center is by watching the input graph, and the mouse would "stick" a little when it was in the middle.
i use my keyboard or my ps2 controller (works great for this actually) but what i found best if using a keyboard is to set the normal up down left right buttons to the normal controls, a is to shift up and z is to shift down. s is to start the car and shift is the clutch. space is the e brake. it takes lots of practice to drift so dont expect to be able to do it right away. a good tip is to hit the gas hard in a lower gear and to turn and control it like that or to rip that ebrake and then control the slide with the gas and e brake and even gears.