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Using the generic scenery object support added last night I've added starting lines to Nurburgring and Catalunya. Now I'm working on a pseudo-Maple tree. A few things I've noticed:* I can't make any transparent textures. It would be cool to have alpha-blended leaves on the trees. Right now my leaf texture shows up with a white background...* All the models I import into the game end up lying on their side. I have to rotate them 90 degrees in Blender to fix this.
This is easily fixable, but out of curiosity, what are you using for your up axis in blender?Also, what do you have to use as your up axis in blender to get the model to be upright in vdrift?
Also, do you think the following method would work for defining transparent vs non-transparent objects: if the object has an RGBA texture, it's transparent, if it's RGB, it's not.Note that unless I do some fancy depth sorting (and I doubt I will unless the artifacts are really noticeable), there will be slight visual artifacts with semi-transparent objects. In a tree object I doubt you'd notice it, though....
I always use positive Z as up in Blender because then the grid makes a sort of floor. Smile To orient properly, I have to use negative X as up.
That way makes sense to me. It's confusing (to me) to have some tex only RGB and others either because I can't remember which ones are/aren't. If it were automatic it would be better. We just have to be careful not to use RGBA tex when we don't need them, as it's easy to forget.
So with the way it was eventually implemented, it doesn't matter if the texture is RGB or RGBA (although, of course, if it's RGB then the object is only opaque).
This is not a bug in the object support, more of a feature request, but I figured why start a new thread. As with the trees it'd be nice to be able to give objects a shadow, or if they had dynamic shadows or something. Particularly I am thinking of adding the bridges on Road Atlanta that go over turn 8 and between turns 10 and 11, and the tunnel just before turn 10.
There are other issues with bridges to be worked out first, unfortunately.
joevenzon Wrote:There are other issues with bridges to be worked out first, unfortunately.
You mean that they can't be driven over? Well only the infield tunnel at turn 10 must be driven over, and I have an idea for getting that in (basically, just embed a model in the ground under the track). It would be nice to have the other two foot bridges that go over the track, and have shadows under them.
Ohh okay. Yeah, the only issue is that the roadway is always right on top of the terrain, so you can't make a bridge that you can drive over that really looks like a bridge.
Check out here's a photo of the suzuki bridge after turn 10 for my reference...
I'd recommend making the ditch with the heightmap.png and then altering the mask.png carefully so that the edge of the track is still on parametric.png but it immediately switches to heightmap.png for the ditch.