Full Version: Multiplayer/Lan Play
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I think the next BIG step for Vdrift would be to have Lan and Online play, obviously you would need some server hosting for the online play and also a lot of knowledge of coding! If you could manage to do this it will be the hottest game for Linux on the web! If anybody is willing to lend some space I'm sure it would be worthwhile! 8)
This is definitely an area where VDrift could improve a lot, but we don't really have anyone who has good enough understanding of the problem or the time to do it... We are looking for help in this area, if you or anyone else you know is interested in working on this, please let us know. Smile
It's an old topic,has been implemented something at multiplayer?When we will see (again) the multiplayer?
I've been working on the OpenGL 3.3 graphics engine a bunch. It's pretty far along and close to being done. After that, I want to work more on auto-updating, which I think is an important precursor to proper multiplayer support. Multiplayer is next on my radar after that (unless someone else wants to do it in the mean time).
How is this thing going on? I would like to beat my brother in heavy fights! Smile
I think the stuntrally guys have made some progress

I haven't looked at the code though, no idea if it could be adapted for vdrift. But it might be a starting point for anyone interested.
Yeah, we've made some progress and recently merged the networking branch into master, so feel free to have a look (source/network). We're using ENet and it wasn't that difficult. The master-server/ part is just needed for the game lobby (the actual races are peer-to-peer)
Don't know if that help, but RakNet is now opensourced under modified BSD license:

I hope that someone will do the multiplayer..
excellent tipper