Full Version: Bug in restart menu
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Hi all,There is a bug in menu restart. Only lunch the application and at the menu choose "Restart" (without before starting a game) then "Yes". Results:Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)And if I choose "Continue" nothing happen. I must press ESC to back to the menu.Bye,Gianni
There are a few known bugs related to the new game function. The game world, car, etc. are not loaded until a new game is started, and since the new game function is a fairly new feature there are still a few things that aren't handled. Restart and Continue as you mentioned are affected, and also some of the replay controls. Thanks for reporting it anyway; for now, of course this can be worked around by just starting a new game as you said.
Thanks for pointing 'em out, I've got them fixed for the next release.
Have these changes been checked into SVN? If they are I don't see them. Smile
Not in SVN yet -- I'm most of the way through adding support for skipping around in replays.