Full Version: RS2 textures?
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I just built my vdrift rpms and played it successfully yesterday.(It's my first time building such a big rpm which almost run out of my disk space.) The game is great! Smile Thank you very much for all your great works!

However, I noticed somthing weird... The Suburu Impreza RS2(I think it is, please correct me if I'm wrong.) seems missing some textures. The mesh itself is very nice, but the texturing looks like in unfinished state. I've download the full data several times to check its content is correct. So... is that what it meant to be? Or is there something wrong when packing the full data?
Yes, is it a car that is not quite done yet. Kcid has uploaded the model and there are a few people working on the dynamic model. I'm hoping to translate physical dimensions from my real Impreza to the required hinge points and such that Vamos requires this weekend (or so).
There is a texture for the model, but it had a lot of Subaru emblems on it, so when I imported the model from the .blend, I just textured it with a solid color. Of course this means lots of details are missing...