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I try build from source vdrift. I use gcc-4.2 and scons-0.96-94
1) When build starts it suddenly stop saying something about InitGL and drawGLScene functions. The cure is remove GL from the arguments of function (InitGL (void) and drawGLScene (void). Then compilation finished.
2) After scons install i get something like this:
Your version of VDrift is: NameError: name 'env' is not defined:
File "/root/rpm/BUILD/build/vdrift-2007-03-23-src/SConstruct", line 357:
File "/usr/share/python2.5/site-packages/SCons/Script/", line 583:
File "/usr/share/python2.5/site-packages/SCons/Script/", line 520:
File "/usr/share/python2.5/site-packages/SCons/Script/", line 245:
File "/root/rpm/BUILD/build/vdrift-2007-03-23-src/data/SConscript", line 10:
print 'Your version of VDrift is: ', env['version']

Any ideas?

I forgot: vdrift version is 2007-03-23 Smile
Can you tell us something about your operating system and hardware, especially video card and drivers? What are you using?

I don't think you should have to change the code at all unless there is something changed in the versions of libraries you are using.

The data problem is because you didn't get a data package. Grab the file vdrift-2007-03-23-data-minimal.tar.bz2 from SourceForge and make sure the data directory in there replaces the data directory in your source package.
Thanks for quick reply. My os is PLD Linux Distribution. My video card is geforce 6100 and i use the latest nvidia driver from their site.

[piotrek@carnage ~]$ uname -a
Linux carnage #1 SMP Fri Mar 23 21:26:09 UTC 2007 x86_64 AMD_Turion™_64_X2_Mobile_Technology_TL-50 PLD Linux

I'm not a programist but after source build stopped i tryed find something about this in google. And i found the site where somebody explain why the compilation faild. I change 2 lines in main.cpp and the source are buildable for me :lol: I show you whats happend when i try build before:

g++ -o build/main.o -c -Wall -Wno-non-virtual-dtor -g3 -D_GNU_SOURCE=1 -D_REENTRANT -Iinclude -I/usr/include/SDL src/main.cpp
src/main.cpp:979: error: '<anonymous>' has incomplete type
src/main.cpp:979: error: invalid use of 'GLvoid'
src/main.cpp:1153: error: '<anonymous>' has incomplete type
src/main.cpp:1153: error: invalid use of 'GLvoid'
src/main.cpp: In function 'int main(int, char**)':
src/main.cpp:979: error: too few arguments to function 'void InitGL(<type>)'
src/main.cpp:1828: error: at this point in file
src/main.cpp:1153: error: too few arguments to function 'int drawGLScene(<type>)'
src/main.cpp:1892: error: at this point in file
src/main.cpp:1153: error: too few arguments to function 'int drawGLScene(<type>)'
src/main.cpp:2081: error: at this point in file
scons: *** [build/main.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
error: Bad exit status from /tmp/rpm-tmp.15086 (%build)

And thanks for advice to install data (i thought i done it :oops: )

Thanks once again.
Thanks for reporting this, it's an issue with GL.h not being compatible with gcc 4.2. See this link:

You might be able to get by with a regular void and a regular int, I'm not sure as I haven't tried it. Does the game run OK or does it crash or have problems when compiled like this?
I will check this tommorow because in my country is 11 pm and i will have to get up early tommorow so i'm going to sleep now.
One more question: Is this the same when I build without a option arch=a64 and with this option on th x86_64 system?
I'm not sure if I understand your question, but I think the answer is yes, it is the same.
Sorry i coudn't explain it better. Game for me works perfeckt with my chenge in main.cpp

Cheers Big Grin
Thanks for that, I'll keep that in mind as we do the next release, since people will probably be using g++-4.2 more frequently after it's released.