Full Version: cannot change settings on XP (ver. 2006-07-08)
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got a problem wit the game: first, everything worked great, but after restarting one practise race, i had a fat white sreen on the window so i couldn´t see half of the track, but the game was still running :?
then , i turned the heads-up-display and the frame shown off, but when i started another race, i simply see the track and no displays for rpm and stuff...and i cannot do anything anymore. but when i try to activate the hu-display, the game crashes and i see a white screen.....can someone help?

i use winXP SP 2
processor: amd athlon 1900+
graphics: geforce fx5200
ram: 512 mb
graphic driver: 93.71
game version: 2006-07-08
You are using a pretty old VDrift release, and a new release got only yesterday => please try the minimal package
thankd, everything works great now!
but i tried the full package and couldn´t start it! any ideas why?
You might be missing SDL_gfx.dll. See the Windows release story on the front page, it has a link to the dll file and tells where to put it.