Full Version: Mouse input in the new release
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The fix did make it into the Linux release fix, but not any of the others. I'm not sure if it will, the best place to go for that now is probably SVN.
*raises hand* I think I got the SVN directory working correctly but all I see is a "vdrift-data" folder. What do I need to grab from here (if its the right place) to get the mouse working?
Well that's just the data you've checked out, but that's OK you need that too. We've just recently separated the data and code repositories. So now you need to check out the code as described here:

When finished, just move the vdrift-data folder inside the "vdrift" folder that you will have, and rename it to just "data" instead of "vdrift-data".

Then you have to compile the code...
I checked via the source forge svn thing and even it says theres only the vdrift-data folder. There doesnt seem to be any source files marked to be updated to the SVN users.
We actually have repositories on two separate servers now. One is on, that's only the data. The other is on, on our own server, and contains only the code.
Hmm, finally got it. apparently for SVN you have to have the forward slash at the end of all directories. I had to change the url on the wiki page to ""
Maybe not...right after I posted that I found that the SVN repos had gone down again, and fixed it, so if it didn't work before it wasn't your fault...I think Trac is too much for this server maybe...
:cry: I downloaded dev C++ and got the source but when I try to compile it, it tells me theres 121 errors. Im still not sure if I want to help code or not. Can someone just zip up the dll files for me?
You probably just need to download the libraries, I'm not sure if they're included with the other Windows development files.
Where can I get the libraries? I think something looked familiar to .Net but I dont get why it would be using anything related to .Net
I just checked and looks like they're in our SVN repository, so you should already have them. Might need to move them so that Dev-C++ can find them, or maybe tell Dev-C++ where they are (I'm not sure off hand, I don't have Windows...). These are the files:
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