Full Version: Skin not being changed
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I noticed that you can try to change the skin but it doesn't apply the new skin until you restart. What happened, this used to work? I'm not releasing until this is fixed...but it should be easy, hopefully won't take long.
I've noticed a few problems with the way display option changes are working at the moment... I don't know if they're worth holding up a release, but here is my understanding of the situation:
1) we used to reload everything whenever the user pressed OK on the graphics option and advanced graphics options menus
2) the second reload corrupted GFX for people on OSX/Windows
3) we decided that, for this release, we could just throw up a "changes will take effect on next restart" screen whenever the user presses OK on the graphics option menu, and take no other action (don't reload) when OK is pressed on either menu

Here's what actually happens for me:
1) graphics options don't take effect until the next restart, EXCEPT the screen size option, which takes effect immediately after pressing OK (and there is no reload, just a screen size change, which probably wipes out the display for OSX/Windows people)
2) there is no "changes will take effect on next restart" screen

Is there any reason that we're doing it the way we are instead of how (I thought) we agreed to make it work? Did we just not get around to it?

Just want to make sure I understand what's up before I jump in and start changing code around....
As far as I remember things were working, with the changes always taking effect only after restart on OS X/Windows, and then abs1nth made some changes to get it to reload the first time but require restart the next time. Something else must have been messed up in those changes, because I didn't test it after that (until recently, though I thought it was acting funny). You're right though Joe, it is all the display options, not just the skin...

I say go for it and make the changes. I want it to work properly on Linux, and I think we should always require restart on Windows and OS X. Here's my reasoning:
* If we let them do it once they will be confused why they must restart the next time.
* id gets away with always requiring a restart in Quake 4, so it's not unreasonable.
* Consistency is always better.
* Always requiring a restart is much, much simpler to code, and to understand for anyone reading the code.
Alright, R1628 has linux behavior set to automatically reload the graphics anytime the OK button is clicked in the graphics options or advanced graphics options. The issues we were having were because the reloading was only happening if one of certain display options got changed. Also, on linux, a full reload wasn't happening. The way it's done now is more thorough (all changes will take effect immediately on linux) but unfortunately there is a bit of reloading time.

I didn't touch the OSX/windows behavior, which is set up to just throw the "Restart game" menu.
sorry if i may have introduced a problem.
the changes i made were aimed to prevent the user having to restart if he e.g. only modifies the FPS display, or some other setting that really shouldn't neccisitate a reload.
no problem... the way you were trying to do to it is the "right" way, it just needed some bugs ironed out... but that can wait until a later release, for now we'll just do the brute force approach
Thanks for the fix Joe, I tested it out and can confirm it works much better now. Hopefully we can find a more elegant solution in the future, where only the things which need to be changed are changed...