Full Version: Track record
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Currently track record is stored in records.txt in individual track data directory. This only works if the user installs vdrift into his own home directory. If vdrift is installed as system-wide by root, individual users do not have the right permission to write into this file. Guess we need to change the design to store track record on a per user basis, or maybe as part of player profile.
Good point... I'd propose we store it in the settings dir (~/.vdrift on linux) and name the files monza-records.txt, lagunaseca-records.txt, etc.
The default settings directory name is ".vdrift" but actually this can be changed in the build (not that anyone needs to change it probably). I think they'd be best stored in /home/user/.vdrift/trackrecords/ or something like that.

Is there even any way to display the records yet?
right, I meant under ~/.vdrift (typo).
thelusiv Wrote:Is there even any way to display the records yet?
If I'm not wrong, the best lap time in timer box is taken from the record file.