Full Version: Result and sound problem with Single Race
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With single race I choose:

First race:
1 opponent: car G4
my car: G4

In game no problem

Race result is ok
1: ... G4
2: ... G4

Second race I choose:
1 opponent: car 3S
my car: 3S

In game I have no sound with my car(3S)

Race result is:
1 G4 <--- I chose 3S
2 3S

Also I have:
Can't find buffer /home/game/dev/vdrift/rel/vdrift/data/cars/G4/engine.wav

This is a known issue. I've got new sound code fairly far along, but I'm going to wait until the next release to integrate it into VDrift and finish it up.
I'm not sure about the bug with the wrong car being in the results either. It looks like maybe the results menu isn't getting totally cleared off or something. Maybe rookie1 will have time to look at it.
That's strange. I'm not able to reproduce this problem on my computer. Are you using the latest revision?
Latest release.
Maybe compiling problem.
I cleaned and recompile all and now seem to work.