Full Version: original track
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vDrift REALLY needs a track of it's own, I was thinking along the lines of a combination between swiss stroll and polish roads
I agree, we do need our own tracks, especially some rally ones so we can try out those game modes... but no one has stepped up, yet. :-) Part of the problem is probably the non-trivial track creation process, but really, the hardest part is just modeling the track in blender. I could take care of the rest if someone else models something in blender.
I'll pester the peple at the racer forum. maby i can get some1 to create a blank track in blender..
I'm busy creating a nascar style track a normal track a hillclimb track and a rally track, but track creation takes allot more time then cars Smile
kcid, I can't wait to see your tracks. Smile In fact I might be able to contribute a little to them, if you check them into the art repository. I could do track objects, or parts of the road themselves if you like.