Full Version: Bug tracker
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There are a few ways we can do bug tracking. I can integrate one into the site, there is a plugin for Geeklog that uses Bugzilla. User system would be separate, which is an inconvenience...Yet another way is I could attempt to integrate the logins for Bugzilla or Flyspray into Geeklog, a little more work/time but probably not too hard.Or of course, we can just use the bug tracker. From my memory of using/administrating the tracker with GForge (open version of SF site software) it was kludgey and a pain. I've used Bugzilla briefly and it seems way overcomplicated to me...I've never tried Mantis or Flyspray but have heard good things about both. What do you think?
*shrug*i'll defer to your judgement on this one
Geeklog Mantis Bug Tracker plugin installed...tell me what you think. If you like it I will write a story about it and we'll release the world upon it.Keep in mind, this is an older version of Mantis. It looks like it required a good bit of hacking on Mantis itself to get it to integrate with Geeklog. If you find many bugs I will work on upgrading it to the latest...if you think it's OK like it is then we'll just leave it until I have time to hack the latest version into Geeklog.
Seems to work alright....