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Things I need to finish up:- add pictures to the gallery- write more docs for the FAQ section - especially how to add cars and tracks to the gameJoe, if you could:- Check out the FAQ entries I've written and edit if necessary.- Have a look at the todo static page and update/change it to better match your current one...maybe it would be nice to have a * by features that might be in the next version.- What's the guy's name that wrote Vamos? I can't find it anywhere. the general/who wrote this game topic in the FAQ should list him I guess.- Could you get me a good overhead shot of the Nurburgring to go in the gallery?
Well I think I've got plenty of pics in the gallery now, and I've written several more FAQ topics. I am still missing how to create tracks, but I need to actually try doing that first so that I actually know how to do it...I even put up a few screenshots of Nurburgring but they look kinda bad with the missing chunks of track.
I wrote a couple of FAQs... the tracks shots will look much better with the next release (that problem is fixed).I'll update the TODO... I've started marking features that are for later versions with -, --, and ---, depending on how low of a priority they are. I'll start marking ones that have been incorporated with *.
OK, the FAQs and TODO look great. It might help the TODO to have a symbol key...I need to add screenshots of some of the menus but I think that can wait til next release...especially if you could get that new background I sent you in by then Smile
Aye, wait for the next release. The overhead shots will look a lot better then, too....
- I need to set up static pages that use PHP snippets to pull FAQ articles out and produce contents for an INSTALL file and a FAQ file to go into the distribution. That way the files' contents can just be copied and pasted when new releases are made, and they will have the latest info that is in the FAQ.- I need to move the site to the CLUG server and change mail sending back to normal.
There is now a mirror of the site with slightly old DB data here: vdrift.clemsonlinux.orgIf you register point the cnames and at the IP address They are ready to go and should work as soon as DNS propagates. Once that happens I will stick up a simple index which redirects from to
Dynamically generated install instructions file: documentation index page and linked it in the menu instead of the TODO (it links to the TODO and all that other stuff).
cool, good ideaalso, i get some errors when connecting to the clemsonlinux site, are you seeing those?
Okay, I got and pointed it to the IP you specified. was "unavailable" *shrug*... i think sounds fine, thoughplus, now my domains are:venzon.netvdrift.netkewl.anyway, it's all set up and should be live once the internet does its DNS thang
joevenzon Wrote:cool, good ideaalso, i get some errors when connecting to the clemsonlinux site, are you seeing those?
They weren't there when I set it up, I fixed them. Permissions...
GoDaddy Wrote:This domain name IS AVAILABLE: VDRIFT.ORG $8.95*/yr
Weird, it still seems available. So is .com. Oh well, .net is fine, it's even very similar to is still taking its sweet time.
- Make topic graphics and create story topics. What topics should I add? Here's a few of my ideas: development, releases (should this be split into 2 topics - linux releases & windows releases?), project, web site. Any other ideas?
Hmm... I can't think of any others, unless you want me to post a story each time I update the changelog (which, btw, I just did). I finally added the skew code... it took forever due to this lingering bug that only now reared its head. Also, I believe that the driving backwards bug is fixed.One question: if I put the fmod*.so file into the runtime directory, will ./vdrift find it at runtime? Or will the user need to put it into /usr/lib and run ldconfig before vdrift will find it?
If you want, you can post the changes as stories and I can make the changelog page dynamic too. That would save you from having to write HTML every time. btw, the ChangeLog says 7-9 and the release is 7-10...did you mean 7-10 in the changelog?I'm not quite sure about the runtime/ thing with the fmod lib...I tried it and it doesn't work for me, in fact no matter what I do now the sounds don't load in this version. I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with.I made an About VDrift page that is linked from the front page and has some FAQ info in it too.
I made new topics for Linux & Windows releases. I was thinking for a development topic it would be cool to have an icon of the hood up on the car...I'll see if I can make one.
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