Full Version: linux systems with vdrift preinstalled.
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hello darlings,

am a free software developer and i'm trying to sell computers
with linux pre-loaded, to promote linux desktop systems. a good excuse to do that was to look for decent games: vdrift looks like one of them!

does anyone have any ideas - i'm conscious of not wanting to spam people on these forums.

any questions: ask. any ideas, help!

According to the license (GPL) you have every right to do this. However I'm not sure VDrift is all that ready for "prime-time" yet, as it is still missing several key features (career mode, completed network mode). The last version (2006-10-06) is certainly less than ideal.
Just to add, Debian Etch has vdrift in official package list. Netinst (120 MB) seems to be the fastest way of getting something like that ready for a new PC.
Not that any other distro is worse.

Yes, as another good game there is - Nexuiz (like Unreal Tournament).