Full Version: in-car cam needs to be moved back
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I've noticed that on the hood cam for the S2000, the camera was actually positioned midway through the windshield, making a funny line across the screen in that view. Moving it out of the windshield makes the in-car cam much too close. Even in its current position, if there were a steering wheel in the game it would be invisible in the in-car cam, this is too close. It doesn't feel like it's "from the driver's eyes".
You can move the in-car cam by adjusting the numbers in the .xml file. The hood cam is placed half a meter forward of that coordinate. If half a meter isn't the right number, let me know what is and I'll put that in. To play around with it, the 0.5 is here (line 664 in<pre>cam.MoveRelative(0.0,-world-&gt;focused_car()-&gt;car-&gt;view_position()[2],world-&gt;focused_car()-&gt;car-&gt;view_position()[1]+0.5);</pre>
Hmmm...I think it might be even better to be able to position both the hood camera and the interior camera, because this way it's hard to center the hood cam, some cars might need to be different lengths apart, and some cars might even be right hand drives.
Well, the centering isn't an issue, it always puts the hood cam at the center regardless of where the driver cam is. The only issue is that some cars might want to put the hood cam further fore or aft than others. Unfortunately, it's a pain to add things to the car's .xml file format.
Ah, I see...I think the hood camera would be better 1 meter from the in-car cam. I tested a little, this works pretty well and none of the cams are stuck in the glass. I also moved the S2000's in-car camera back a good bit so that you can see some of the dash (enough that if there were a steering wheel you could see it).I'd like to get it even further back so that at least the left and center mirrors (of course there are no center mirrors yet...)
this is in the 7-25 release
Actually, it's not...neither the latest release nor the latest SVN had the change to 1 meter in, so I checked in my copy.
whoopswell, it'll be in the next release for sureif anyone wants to, they can change line 651 of to:world-&gt;focused_car()-&gt;car-&gt;view_position()[1]+1.0);