Full Version: Driver position/hood camera
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In a few of the cars the driver position is not so hot, for instance the FF and the AX2...When you switch to driver camera, the camera starts out in the back of the seat, making it impossible to see. When on the hood camera the front of the car is not visible at all. I think the best way to fix this would be to make the distance between the hood camera and the driver position set in the .car file instead of fixed at 1.0 meters ahead.
I agree both positions should be set. Also, though, all of the positions need to be updated. I found a bug in the code that was causing weird offsets to be applied to those positions, but many of the cars had their view positions defined with the old code, and haven't been updated for the fix yet.

When did you update the code? If it's in SVN I'll compile Vdrift and look at all the cars. Then I'll correct the ones with wrong settings, won't be much work.
Maybe a month ago? I think the coordinates should correspond to the same coordinate system as the rest of the .car file, now. Let me know if they don't.
I think I remember now we changed the coordinates from being the normal Y, -X, Z (relative to blender) to X, Y, Z...but now for some reason it's changed back. No matter, I've updated the camera position coordinates for all the cars and they're all correct now. Feel free to check behind me. I also corrected many improperly positioned drivers.
Yeah, I changed it back thinking that it made more sense for the coordinates to match the other coordinates in the .car file.