Full Version: Need help with logos and stuff?!
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Hi guys!

I'm a big fan of the VDrift project and really want to help with some artworkm if you need it...i'm a graphic designer and art director from Brazil with 7 years of experience.

Drop me a line or just e-mail me if you want:

Thanks! And congrats for the great game so far!
Actually, we could use your help. Our logo isn't the most amazing (as you can see) - it's just one I whipped up, and it's OK, but it sorta looks like the Tonka logo, so...yeah. If you would like to create a new logo go right ahead...

Also, if you really want to help the project out, we could use a better looking menu skin. Currently our menus look pretty plain, they need not only a better background but also some better widget drawings. If you're interested in this, I can give you more details on what needs to be done...

Thanks for the offer, and glad you enjoy the game Smile
yeah! thanks mate...add me on messenger or mail me with the things you need!