Full Version: Some collaboration needed with building Arch Linux package
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Please read:

The problem is that we need to optimize the binary for i686 and need to be sure which options to set.
I know now that release should be = 1
Anything else ?
For optimizing for i686, VDrift has an option for turning on the "-march=..." flag on the compiler. If you run
scons -h
it tells you the usage is:
Type: 'scons' to compile with the default options.
      'scons arch=axp' to compile for Athlon XP support (other options: a64, p4, x86)
So, you probably want to use it like this:
scons arch=p4
while someone with an Athlon XP would do
scons arch=axp
or someone with an Athlon64 would do
scons arch=a64
Does that help?

If there is something else to be turned on besides "-march=pentium4" then let me know and I can help you out.

By the way I'm not sure if this made it into the last release, but I think you're using SVN anyway right?
Arch Linux package has been created
By the way, there is an new flag for scons
scons arch=686
to turn on the "-march=i686" compiler option.