Full Version: Mercedes E350, First Semi-High detailed car(Already In-Game)
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Yay, I made my first in-game car, it was just to test but I am happy with the result altought there is a VERY weird problem with the wheels. It isn't textured it was mostly just to see If I could put it in-game.

[b]In-Game Screens:[b]

[Image: carfrontux2.jpg]

[Image: caringamecopyni8.jpg]

This car is going to be released with my total conversion, that you can find in Development. Please help me with the wheels and give comments.
It looks like you need to either center your car model on (0,0,0) before exporting it, or you need to fix the wheel positions in the .car file.

Nice Mercedes though, is this a model you did from scratch or one you found and updated? Looks good!
Ok thanks for the tip, about the mercedes I made it long time ago, was one of my first cars but it has many error so I won't put it on my total conversion.
The wheels are exported as their own objects (wheel_front.joe and wheel_rear.joe) and you don't have all wheels, just ONE wheel per object, and the wheel should be placed at the center of the blender coordinate system. I don't remember if the wheel is supposed to be a right or left wheel. So, to summarize, in wheel_front.joe you should have one single front wheel (right or left, can't remember) placed at the center of the coordinate system. In wheel_rear.joe you should have one single rear wheel placed at the center of the coordinate system.

You use the .car text file to place the wheels at the correct coordinates (in the car body's coordinate space).