Full Version: Joe Script
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Where is the joe script? :? I really want to test a car in VDrift :wink: I saw the link in the FAQ but that leads me to the download page and I don't know which file to download...
The .joe export script for Blender is in this download:

It's tarred and has bzip2 compression, so if you're on windows you'll need to find the appropriate tools to get at the contents of the archive.
Scionic and Joe,

The bzip2 and tar compressed files can be unzipped with winrar and the unzip utility standard delivered in Windows XP.


This brings me to a new something. I'm going to try and convert the python script for blender to a 3ds Max maxscript file and also to a export script for Zmodeler. This way I and other modellers can also use Max or Zmodeller for building cars/tracks, this way more modellers can build cars/tracks.
Zmodeller is used allot in the NFS/GTA/Racer comunnities for building cars/tracks.
Sounds good!