Full Version: game is shutting down
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hi all, Id like to play this game too much.
I had run instalation and then Id like to run it but...

it show me logo then loding the loding sound after that it falls down....

I runs it on Win XP.Asus 800XL.AMD Opteron 144.SB Audigi 4.
Ok, since there are some people having problems on windows.
I don't have an idea why, but maybe you could upgrade the DLL's that are distributed whith VDrift.
Download and extract it in the VDrift directory (probably C:\Program Files\VDrift)
Please report if that worked for you
I did it as you said but nothing happens....Sad
do same problem

I think that problem can be with loading sound....becase as I wrote up its the last what I can see on screen
ok ok ok...Smile

it works
I have to upgrade my SB drivers....I dont know If I have older vesion or newer but now it everythink all right...Smile