Full Version: It seems no one post their replays
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Do anyone can share their replays??

i want to learn how to drive well
I haven't had time to make replays lately. Anybody else?

Are you looking for drifting replays or regular best-time-possible racing?
Hmm, if i were to post a replay how would i do it?
Just get the 1.vdr file out of your ~/.vdrift/replays directory and post it up on the internet somewhere. For someone to use it, they must replace the 1.vdr file in their ~/.vdrift/replays directory. Next version will hopefully include some way to make multiple replays.
Also, at the moment, they must have the exact same track and car data as you recorded the replay on. So if you're going to record a replay for post on the internet, use the latest release of VDrift, not what's in SVN.
Sorry a AVI files was the best i could do:
Warning: The police have displayed disapproval of above driving style.