Full Version: Keyboard Improvement
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there we are...First excuse me for my bad english but i'm french.. :roll: and i'd like to congratulate the author for this game which is really beatifull and which makes a wonderfull usage of physics... nice job Joe !
Better keyboard control is the big priority, so it'll definitely be in the next release (maybe next sunday or so).So, what I think you're saying is that the wheels slowly return to their initial position instead of snapping back quickly... is that correct? Because you can get similar results to this if you set your joystick type to wheel... although I kind of like how it slowly turns your wheels back to center instead of returning them there instantly (more realistic).
I haven't any joystick but with a keyboard controller, when you release the 'turn' key, the wheels didn't turn back to center and the car turns again and again so the driver seems being drunk or something like that... SmileWheels are in their initial orientation only just before the player turns again so it's impossible to makes the car stop turning without this improvment.
Oh. I didn't realize that bug existed. I'll fix that, then....
Your contribute is wellcome and I appreciate it very much. The game now is more playable. Thanks!Gianni
Hmm, I can't reproduce this bug. The wheels always recenter for me when I steer with the keyboard. Make sure that you unbind any joysicks from the steering controls in the controls screen.
Oop, nevermind. I found the bug. This is fixed in the next release.